Asian Employee Association at the Port of Oakland

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Past Recipients

Luan Huynh
Rourke Healy
Jackie Low
Alan Sau
Ryan Fong
Emmie Giang
Rowena Kuang
Nhat Nguyen
Eva Yeung
Samuel Zabb-Parmley
Milly Chau
Bryant Ho
Connie Low
Winnie Tang
Julia Taylor

Laura Duong
Altannaran Shijirbold
Aya Yagi
Well Dang
Chiravann Uch
Eugene Wing Lau
Jessica Xu
Jessie Mai
Jimmy La
Virginia Louise Whittington Marcus
Andrea Carney
Benita Lao
Bianca Dominique Posada
Ciara Swan
Jackson Caruso
Joseph Bell
McKayla Brekke
Raymond Guo
Shirley Ma
Stephanie Hoang

Elisa Chan
Priscilla Chang
Jimmy Dinh
Tiffany Fan
Fanny Hoang
Nathan Jones
Zachary Jones
Janan Luu
Wilfred Manzano
Kristine Morley
Brianna Pang
Luis Rodriguez
Kathleen Sau
Juliana Schwartz
Deidré Sudderth
Jennifer Tu
Wendy Wu

Kholoud Abdullah
Jasmin Cartagena
Tiffany Chan
Jaya Darke
Mark Grossman
Caroline Ha
Joseph Harmon
Kiara Hernandez
Alice Ho
Connie Lau
Eva Lau
Kayla Peng
Anna Poon
Judy Pun
Xiaomei Ruan
Jia-Yin Shum
Torbertha Tobor
Kim Tran
Anna Yeung
Ye Zou

Mengyuan (Amily) He
Vivian Chan
Darielle Davis
Jennifer Kong
Damon Mok
Nhi Truong
Sandra Yang
Huber Trenado
Tracy Zirbel
Derek Chan
Jonathan Ham
Susan Deng
Kristin Hong
Catherine Miller
Ngoc Mai Trinh
Frederick Wang
Nathifa Wright

Ho-hin Choy
Eric Hong
Howard Lo
Khornthy Son
Garrett Chow
Tammy Nguyen
Julie Chao
Judy Saechao
Rolando Ramirez
Cindy Nham
Winnie Chan
Cindy Saetern

Bao Chau Nguyen
Charlotta Chan
Lucia Kuang
Lena Thu Tran
Katherine Academia
Julia Black Ling
Rebecca Chan
Jennifer Ham
Rachel Harmon
Irene Ho
Jamie Kozono
Janet Pan

Helen Pho
Ashley Chambers
     Emerald Tran
Samuel Becerra
Carrie Jun Cai
Anna Lau
Jeffrey Lee
Tiffany Louie
Aditi Shastri
Jue Wang

Quyen Vo
Christina Kwan
Chandan Misra
Matthew Lee
Linh Dao
Anjali Shastri
Brian Brocious
Anders Chan
Vicki Chan
Sergio Martinez
Robert Middleton
Wei Bang Mei

Adam Briones

Sarah Chinn

Jason Estella

Brian Kozono

Vinh Le

Stephanie Lee

Ya Wei "Yvonne" Liang

Gina Lowe

Vien Dung Phung

Lo Yuan Saetern

Caroline Thompson

Anna Tran

Adam Visconti

Jennifer Ting Yu


Brandi Anderson

Albert Chan

Teresa Hui

Dung Le

Aaron Quan

Koy Yoon Saeteurn

Srinidhi Vijaykumar

Ying Hua Xie
Emily Teruya
Van Thi Nguyen
Diana Le
Diana Eng
Linda Lau


Alexandra Vo

Sheena Lee

Tutram Nguyen

Pamela Lu

Susie Tu

Eleanor Kung

Grace Morales

Michael Visconti


Alda Luong
Maria Cerpas
Tuyet-Linh Phan
Sytha Chan
Chong Zhao
Michelle Lee
Muey Sac chin
Kim Nguyen


Jeannie Liang
Khanh (Nikki) Vo
Eric Brown
Deborah Brockett


Hoa Lu
Calvin Tang
Stacy Ly
Quyen-Anh Tran


Alex Dong Rosten


   Kim Tran
Leanne Hoang
Tung Tran
Tina Liang


Tuong-Vi Le
Jenny Ly

Francis Mendoza




Download Instruction Sheet
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Download Application
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In 1993, the Asian Employees Association at the Port of Oakland (AEA) established a scholarship program to encourage deserving high school students from the community to pursue post-secondary education.  Over the years, the program has grown steadily and awarded more than $300,000 in scholarships.

2015 Scholarship Essay Topic:

Option 1: 

Recent technological advances include smart phones, hybrid electric-gas cars, and social media. In what fields or products do you think we’ll see the next wave of technological advances? What are some of the limitations on these new advances? Explain your reasoning.

Option 2:

In light of the recent protest in Oakland around the issue of police brutality and the #blacklivesmatter movement, make an argument for or against current policing based on your personal view and experience. What recommendations would you make to change the system?

(Note: Negative interactions with the police will not affect your qualification for the scholarship.)

Criteria for Scholarship Applicants

  • High school senior of any ethnicity currently enrolled in a public, charter or private high school in Oakland, or a high school senior who is a child of a Port of Oakland employee.  (Children of Port of Oakland employees may apply even if they reside and attend a high school outside of Oakland)

  • Minimum overall weighted GPA of 3.0 (B average)

  • Intends to pursue a bachelor’s degree at a four year accredited university or college on a full-time basis

Submission Requirements

To apply for a scholarship award, the following must be submitted to the AEA Scholarship Committee for review:

  1. Scholarship application form

  2. Essay personally written by the applicant. If the essay submitted is irrelevant to the topic, the application will be disqualified.  

  3. Official transcript bearing the school’s official seal from the applicant’s school 

  4. A letter of recommendation from applicant’s current high school instructor or counselor 

  5. Please note that the scholarship application form and essay may be emailed to Cheryl Ho at  The official transcript and letter of recommendation must be sent or hand delivered separately; faxes or emails will not be accepted.

Selection Criteria

The following will be considered when reviewing the applications:

  • Originality, personal vision, relevance and responsiveness to essay topics

  • Applicant’s potential for academic achievement

  • Applicant’s potential impact on the community, both immediate and long-term

The AEA Scholarship Committee will review the applications and invite a select number of applicants to a personal interview (to be scheduled for April 28 and April 29, 2015.)  The selected applicants will be notified of the time and place of their individual interview.  Participation at the interview is mandatory

PLEASE NOTE: Distributions of scholarship funds are made after the Committee receives the awardees’ certificate of enrollment from the junior college or four year post-secondary educational institution.  Funds must be claimed between July 1, 2015 and April 30, 2016. Funds not claimed by then are subject to forfeiture. Failure to enroll into a four year post-secondary educational institution between those two dates will also result in the forfeiture of your award.

The Scholarship awardees will be recognized at an event sponsored by the AEA on May 19, 2015.

Due Date for Submission: Friday, March 27, 2015

By mail:          Applications must be postmarked by Friday, March 27, 2015

In person:      Deliver to the Port of Oakland offices by 5:00 pm on Friday, March 27, 2015  

Please address application packets and hand-deliver to:

AEA Scholarship Committee

Port of Oakland

530 Water Street

Oakland, CA 94607

Attention: Cheryl Ho

For questions, please contact Cheryl Ho at (510) 627-1541.

Applications and essays may be e-mailed separately to

The official transcript and letter of recommendation must be sent by mail or hand-delivered;  faxes and e-mails will not be accepted.  

About AEA

The Asian Employees Association (AEA) at the Port of Oakland is a non-profit organization founded by Port employees in 1991. Membership is open to anyone regardless of ethnic or cultural background. 

The goals of AEA are to:

  • Inspire and reward outstanding academic achievement among our Oakland high school students, as well as children of current Port of Oakland employees, through the AEA Scholarship Program.

  • Promote mutual understanding and goodwill by organizing Asian cultural programs for all Port of Oakland employees and community members to enjoy.


Download Instruction Sheet
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Download Application
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